Drum Pump Package
  • Water Treatment
  • Aggressive Liquids
  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Mineral Acids
33 gpm
Kit consists of :
  • Motor
  • Pump tube assembly
  • PVC hose: 6 ft.
  • Dispensing nozzle
  • Barrel adapter
  • Storage bracket
  • Digital flow Meter (opt.)
SERIES 'DP' Drum Pumps combine modern manufacturing techniques with proven and reliable design features. They are a convenient and efficient eans of transferring and dispensing most liquid chemicals from drums, carboys and tanks. These pumps are available in a selection of engineered plastics or polished SS 316 thus providing a great range of chemical compatibility. The pumps are available in lengths to meet your requirements and all pumps can be used interchangeably with any of our electric or compressed air motors. They can be quickly changed to meet particular pumping or motor requirements. Available Packages
  • #1 Water Treatment Chemicals for transfer corrosive chemicals associated with the Water Treatment industry. Applications: Hypochlorite, Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Bromide.
  • #2 Acids & Alkalis for transfer corrosive liquids Applications: Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid (20%), Acetic Acid and Sulfuric Acid.
  • #3 Concentrated Acids & Alkalis for transfer very concentrated and extremely aggressive liquids. Applications: Sulfuric Acid 66 Baumè, Propionic Acid, Concentrated Nitric (98%) and Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • #4 Acids & Alkalis Measurement for transfer corrosive chemicals associated with the Water Treatment Industry. Applications: Sodium Hypochlorite, Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Bromide.
  • #5 Concentrated Acids & Alkalis Measurement Unique design allows operators to safely measure and transfer concentrated and very aggressive liquids. Applications: Sulfuric Acid 66 Baumè, Propionic Acid, Concentrated Nitric (98%), and Hydrofluoric Acid.
  • #6 Mineral Acids for transfer mineral acids and suitable chemicals. Applications: Applications: Light machining oils, transmission fluid, etc.
  • #7 Non-Corrosive Liquids for transfer light oils, automotive fluids and lubricants. Applications: Light machining oils, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, antifreeze, lubricating oil etc.
  • #8 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Explosion Proof Drum Pump (Compressed Air powered) is a safe solution for transferring flammable or combustible liquids and meets the safety requirements of the Chemical Processing Industry. Applications: Alcohol, Isopropyl Ether, Gasoline, Solvents, Aqueous Ammonia, Petroleum Products, Xylene, Toluene.
  • #9 Flammable and Combustible Liquids for transfer mineral acids and suitable chemicals. Applications: light machining oils, transmission fluid, etc.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialMaterialSizeOutletFlow(max)Press.(max)PowerElectric DataPhaseSeal TypeBushing
52-9923$6,122.00Package #9SS 316FKM47"1 Hose18 gpm29.99 ft1.3 hp220-240V/1/50-60H1Seal-LessCarbon
52-9922$6,122.00Package #9SS 316FKM47"1 Hose18 gpm34.61 ft1.1 hp110V1Seal-LessCarbon
52-9907$4,377.00Package #8, Explosion ProofUnspecified gpm
52-9905$4,291.00Package #8, Explosion ProofSS 31639"30 gpm207.63 ft0.5 hp
Explosion Proof Air Explosion Proof Air Driven Motor
52-9763$2,182.00Package #7AL47"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.12 hp240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9762$2,096.00Package #7AL47"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.12 hp115/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9761$2,118.00Package #7AL39"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.12 hp240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9760$2,080.00Package #7AL39"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.12 hp115/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9717$4,432.00Package #6SS 31647"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.12 hp240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9716$4,407.00Package #6SS 316PTFE47"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp115/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9715$4,328.00Package #6SS 31639"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.1 hp240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9714$4,298.00Package #6SS 316PTFE39"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp115/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9513$5,225.00Package #5PVDF47"1 Hose16 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp220-240V1Seal-LessCarbon
52-9512$5,174.00Package #5PVDF47"1 Hose16 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp110-120/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9511$5,174.00Package #5PVDF39"1 Hose16 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp230-240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9510$4,159.00Package #5PVDF39"1 Hose16 gpm34.61 ft1.1 hp110-120/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9503$4,319.00Package #4PP47"1 Hose13 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp110-120/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9502$3,877.00Package #4PP47"1 Hose13 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp110-120/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9501$3,915.00Package #4PP39"1 Hose13 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp230-240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9500$2,939.00Package #4PP39"1 Hose13 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp110-120V/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9461$1,599.00Package #7AL39"1 Hose22 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp230-240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9433$1,791.00Package #1CPVC47"1 Hose15 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp240/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9432$1,445.00Package #1CPVC47"1 Hose15 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp115/1/50-601Seal-LessCarbon
52-9431$1,474.00Package #1CPVC39"1 Hose15 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp115V 60//50Hz1Seal-LessCarbon
52-9430$1,433.00Package #1CPVC39"1 Hose15 gpm34.61 ft1.11 hp110-120V 60//50Hz1Seal-LessCarbon
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