SERFILCO warrants products* of its own manufacture will be free from defects in raw materials and manufacture under normal use and service for a period of not more than one year after date of shipment. SERFILCO’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of its products which shall be returned to SERFILCO’s headquarters, with all transportation and associated charges prepaid, and which examination shall disclose to SERFILCO’s satisfaction to have been thus defective at time of shipment, provided that SERFILCO had received immediate written notice upon discovery of such alleged defect and the alleged defective products shall have returned to SERFILCO not later than 30 days after SERFILCO has issued a Return Authorization Number. This warranty shall not apply to any of the products which shall have been used other than for their intended use, nor to any of the products, the composition of which shall have been changed in any way, nor to any of the products which have been subject to adverse storage conditions, misuse, negligence or accident.

SERFILCO shall not be held liable for damage or delays caused by defective raw materials and manufacture, nor shall SERFILCO be liable for consequential damages in cases of failure to meet the conditions of warranty. The full liability of SERFILCO under this clause is the repair or replacement of defective parts, at its discretion.

The customer is responsible for the proper installation and operation of the equipment. A factory representative is available at startup at cost of travel expenses plus charge per diem. Consult Sales Dept.

* Products such as filter cartridges do not normally last one year and may require frequent replacement. In addition, certain components such as mechanical seals, springs, “O”-rings, hose, ceramic liners, impeller magnet assemblies, diaphragms, etc. may be subject to wear and, therefore, wear should not be construed as evidence of the existence of a defect, and as such will not be honored in a warranty claim, nor should it be inferred that items such as these will last a year without occasional, or even frequent, replacement depending upon the severity of the application. Items not of SERFILCO’s manufacture, such as motors, carry similar warranties by the manufacturer, and can often be serviced through local authorized repair center or handled through our office.

This express warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties. All other warranties and, specifically, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes, are excluded. No person, agent or representative of SERFILCO is authorized to give any other warranties on SERFILCO’s behalf or to assume for it any other liability in connection with any of the products.

WARNING – Any modification, alteration or other changes to SERFILCO’s products will void any warranty and could cause damage or injury to the user of the products.

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