SERFILCO as a division of SERVICE FILTRATION Corp manufactures state of the art Filtration Chambers in a vast array of Plastics and Metals.  SERFILCO provides chambers to accommodate which ever media technology is required.  Precision wound filters in Polypropylene, Fiberglass and Cotton alongside pleated cartridges up to 6” diameter and Filter Bags to fit any housing on the market.

SERFILCO also offers a range of metal housings utilizing “permanent media”.  Sand Filters are widely used in Aquarium applications and at SERFILCO we have what you need.  Vessels manufactured in group up to 72” in diameter provides the best GPM per USD investment anywhere.

With pumps molded to 3” x 2” and machined to 6”x 4” SERFILCO can take care of all your fluid handling needs.

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