No equipment may be returned for credit without first receiving permission to do so. All requests shall be addressed to the company from whom purchase originally made or our factory if purchase was made direct from SERFILCO. A minimum 25% restocking charge is made on our current designs within warranty period, to cover inspection, testing, handling and accounting expenses. We will not accept return of customer’s surplus inventory. Non-standard equipment or other than current designs, or parts thereof, may not be returned for credit.

    • All materials must be shipped within 30 days.
    • All materials must be new and unused.
    • Material must be shipped prepaid.
    • SERFILCO will pay the freight on any items we ship incorrectly.
    • Credit will be issued with a restocking fee.
    • Merchandise received in damaged or used condition is subject to renegotiation of terms.
    • Any deviation from above terms & Conditions makes this Authorization null and void, and subject to renegotiation.

User Responsibility

It is assumed that the users of SERFILCO products are in compliance with all aspects of legislation dealing with hazardous substances. To that end, the procedures for the legal transportation and disposal of such substances are the sole responsibility and liability of the user.

Prior to any return of used merchandise the user shall:

    • Contact SERFILCO to obtain a Return Authorization number and specific shipping instructions. Number valid for 60 days.
    • Thoroughly cleanse the merchandise to be returned so that no detectable residue of any substances remains on any surface. We will not dispose of any chemicals or contaminated parts at the factory.
    • Prepare a legal shipping container suitable for the return of this merchandise to SERFILCO. The shipping container must have the Return Authorization number clearly and legibly imprinted above the shipping label.
    • The user is responsible for shipping the merchandise to SERFILCO and for the freight charges in both directions.
    • On valid warranty claim items, SERFILCO will prepay the return freight back to the customer.
    • PLEASE NOTE: In the presence of the delivering carrier, SERFILCO personnel will open and inspect all returned merchandise, and will refuse and return to shipper all merchandise not meeting these conditions.
    • Assume responsibility for the final disposition of any used merchandise or otherwise reusable product, or the legal disposal of a defective or otherwise unusable product.

Return Goods & Repair Policies

    • Our Service Department will provide a report by Fax or E-mail of our inspection and any cost to repair estimates within 10 working days after we receive the product.
    • Our inspection fee on non-warranty claims is $75 net per returned item. This charge is waived if SERFILCO is authorized to complete the repair or replace the item.
    • We will repair and return any item within 10 working days of receiving the customer’s authorization or our determination of warranty.
    • If we do not receive authorization to repair within 30 days, the product in question will be returned freight collect.
    • Used filter media, carbon or ion-exchange resins may not be returned to SERFILCO and will be refused.
    • Samples for test will not be accepted. SERFILCO offers rental and test equipment for field testing, subject to the above conditions.
    • PLEASE NOTE: We will not ship replacement parts or pumps out “No Charge” as exchange items. We will ship these items only after we receive a Purchase Order for the new item. Our warranty explicitly gives SERFILCO the option to repair or replace. If we later determine that we should replace the warranty claimed product that has been sent to us, we will issue full credit against the new Purchase Order. However, if we determine that a minor repair will fix the original product satisfactorily, it will be repaired and returned to the customer. In this instance, we will expect payment for the second Purchase Order.

In the event that used merchandise is returned to SERFILCO without strict compliance to this policy, SERFILCO reserves the right to refuse receipt of such products. SERFILCO will direct that carrier involved return same to sender in accordance with the above policy and procedure.

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