Admiral EHJ
Electroplating, printed circuit board, fume scrubber
5800-10,000 gph
  • Flow rates from 5,800 to 10,000 GPH
  • Non-metallic solution contact CPVC with EPDM elastomers FKM elastomers optional
  • Runs dry without damage
  • High filter surface area - 6-20", 30" or 40" cartridges
  • Handles temperatures to 180°F
  • Compact package
  • Designed for reservoir installation
  • Economical OEM replacement
  • Improve finished goods quality, eliminate scrap and rework
  • Reduce chemical consumption by maintaining solution quality
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance with dry-run 'EH' pump
  • Higher continuous flow and filter area than original equipment systems
  • Easy cartridge change - no tools required
SYSTEM: ADMIRAL 'EHJ' filtration systems consist of a CPVC pump and filter chamber, assembled on a 2-piece modular PVC mounting plate. The mounting plate is joined with a rabbet joint and secured with SS 316 hardware. The pump discharge and filter inlet are connected by a union fitting. This arrangement allows simplified installation and convenient pump removal for reservoir or pump maintenance. The standard mounting plate is 22" x 12" overall. Custom plates are available. FILTER: Innovative design with oversized inlet and outlet allows extended intervals of high flow operation with minimal pressure drop. The chamber is constructed of CPVC with EPDM elastomers and is available with 6 - 20", 30" or 40" cartridge capacity. Chamber includes swing bolt cover closure with 'T'-handles, therefore, no tools are required for easy cartridge changing. Also included is a 0 - 60 psi gauge with guard assembly and a vent valve assembly designed to direct vent mist back to the reservoir. Chamber features totally non-metallic solution contact and SS external hardware. PUMP: Industry leading Series 'EH' pumps will provide years of quiet, efficient, trouble-free operation. Constructed of CPVC with standard EPDM elastomers, TFE vapor seal and Polyethylene (PE) suction strainer. These pumps provide totally non-metallic solution contact. The cantilever shaft, Series 'EH' pump will even run dry without damage. Motors are 1.5 to 7.5 HP, 230-460V/3Ø/50-60Hz, 2850/3450 RPM with 1.15 service factor. They are chemical service, TEFC with oversized bearings, two-part epoxy paint and SS tag.
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ActionPriceSkuMaterialMaterialSizeInletOutletFlow(max)Press.(max)MediaPowerCapacityTotal CapacityRPMElectric DataPhasePumpSeal Type
$6,642.00S-CJ24EH575CPVCEPDM40"2NPT1 1/2NPT10020 GPH27 psi6 x 40" Filter Cartridge6.0007.5 hp1.3m284ft23450230/460/603Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,432.00S-CJ24EH330VCPVCFKM40"2NPT1 1/2NPT7800 GPH35 psi6 x 40" Filter Cartridge6.0003 hp1.3m284ft23450
208-230-460V 60//50H208-230-460V 60//50Hz
3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,521.00S-CJ18EH575CPVCEPDM30"2NPT1 1/2NPT10020 GPH60 psi6 x 30" Filter Cartridge6.0007.5 hp0.98m263ft23450
208-230/460V 60//50H208-230/460V 60//50Hz
3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,771.00S-CJ18EH450VCPVCFKM30"2NPT1 1/2NPT8820 GPH60 psi6 x 30" Double Open End Filter Cartridge65 hp0.98m263ft23450208-230-460V 50/60Hz3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,719.00S-CJ18EH450CPVCEPDM30"2NPT1 1/2NPT8820 GPH60 psi6 x 30" Double Open End Filter Cartridge65 hp0.98m263ft23450
208-230-460V 60//50H208-230-460V 60//50Hz
3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,159.00S-CJ18EH220CPVCEPDM30"2NPT1 1/2NPT6300 GPH30 psi6 x 30" Filter Cartridge6.0002 hp0.98m263ft23450
208-203-460V 60//50H208-203-460V 60//50Hz
3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,234.00S-CJ18EH115CPVCEPDM1 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT5760 GPH10 psi6 x 30" Filter Cartridge6.0001.5 hp0.98m263ft23450208-230-460/3/50-603Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,048.00S-CJ12EH220VCPVCFKM20"2NPT1 1/2NPT6300 GPH28 psi6 x 20" Filter Cartridge6.0002 hp0.65m242ft23450
208-230/460V 3PH 60H208-230/460V 3PH 60Hz
3Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
$6,125.00S-CJ12EH115CPVCEPDM20"2NPT1 1/2NPT5760 GPH10 psi6 x 20" Filter Cartridge6.0001.5 hp0.65m242ft23450230-460/3/603Series 'EH' Vertical PumpsSeal-Less
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