I Pump
SS304, PP, PE, PPSMetal/plastic
15-150 gpm
  • Corrosion resistant materials SS casing, fiberglass reinforced polyester, PP, or PPS
  • Suction lift to 20'
  • Flows to 170 gpm or 75' TDH
  • Dual ports 1-1/2" and 2", NPT or BSP
  • Built-in check valve and double flush volute
  • Close-coupled, long coupled or pedestal mounted
  • Gasoline engine, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors
  • Wetted metallic components are SS 316
Series 'I' Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps are constructed with SS 316 housing, fiberglass reinforced polyester, PP, or PPS internals, EPDM, Buna-N or FKM elastomers, SS 304 external hardware and quick release clamp. All pumps include a built-in check valve, and a double flush volute. Series 'I' pumps are close-coupled to gasoline engines; or electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors to fit most power requirements. They may also be pedestal mounted for long coupling to electric or gasoline drivers; or for flexible coupling to the user's driver. This lightweight, self-priming pump provides corrosion resistance and efficient performance for a wide variety of water and corrosive liquid applications. CLOSE COUPLED PUMP with ELECTRIC, HYDRAULIC or PNEUMATIC DRIVE Pump with SS 316 housing, PP internal parts, SS 316 housing clamp, SS 316 internal fasteners, and EPDM elastomers. Pump includes PP baseplate on close coupled electric models, Steel (ST) baseplate on close coupled hydraulic and pneumatic models. Motor shafts are extended with SS 316 shaft adapter. Pumps available with FKM elastomers, pedestal mounted, or long coupled.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialMaterialInletOutletFlow(max)Press.(max)PowerRPMElectric DataPhaseSeal TypeBushing
64-52G5$1,212.00ISE2GLLUnspecified gpm
64-62G4-P$1,448.00ISP2GL CSSUnspecified gpm
64-52G5-P$1,473.00ISE2GLL CSSUnspecified gpm
64-52G5-HYC$1,814.00ISE2GLL HYCUnspecified gpm
64-52G5-PNC$2,076.00ISE2GLL PNCUnspecified gpm
64-62G4-D3.0C$2,076.00ISP2GL D3.0CSSEPDM1/2NPT2NPT170 gpm71.52 ft3 hp3450230/460V/3/603Single Mechanical SealCarbon / Alumina
64-62G1-D3.0C$2,293.00ISP2GV D3.0CUnspecified gpm
64-52G5-D3.0C$2,769.00ISE2GLL D3.0CUnspecified gpm
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