G Pump
Self-priming centrifugal pumps for transfer and recirculation of: CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS / WASTE TREATMENT PHOTOGRAPHIC SOLUTIONS (inorganic)
Noryl, PPS - Plastic
10-100 gpm
  • Flows to 100 gpm or 73 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (315 LPM or 15m @ 50 Hz)
  • Noryl or PPS construction with SS316 internal hardware
  • Non-metallic solution contact available
  • Will reprime to 15 feet (4.6m)*
  • Close coupled - electric motor driven
  • Shaft sleeve is same material as pump Isolates pump shaft from solutions.
  • Combination 2" O.D. MNPT x 1 1/2" I.D. FNPT connections
The self-priming Series 'G' Pump is made in either Noryl or PPS, providing a maximum range of chemical resistance. It is available with SS 316, internal hardware or completely non-metallic solution contact. The pump comes standard with 304 stainless external hardware. The pump is protected with a basket-type strainer in either PP or ECTFE. The large cover makes initial priming and removal of the strainer quick and easy. The cover is the same material as the pump or it can be ordered in clear Lexan (PCN 64-1818 90). A PP baseplate is included with close-coupled electric drive pumps.After initial prime, the Series 'G' Pump will lift up to 15 vertical feet (4.6m) and will remain primed even after shutdown. This pump also features an open, non-clogging impeller which is molded in conjunction with the shaft sleeve, thus isolating the shaft from solution contact. The self-priming ability, chemical resistance, light weight and basket strainer make this an ideal pump for chemical transfer, waste treatment, emergency/backup or filtering.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialSizePowerRPMElectric DataPhase
64-1846-40$78.75PLATEPP8 3/4x13 5/16
64-1348-91$75.20SCRW,PAN HD,10-24X3/4,HASTUnspecified
60-81E9-D3.0C$1,872.00GRYK1-1/2/2ELN D3.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81E9-D2.0C$2,517.00GRYK1-1/2/2ELN D2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81E9-C2.0C$2,590.00GRYK1-1/2/2ELN C2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81E8-D3.0C$3,075.00GRYK1-1/2/2EVN D3.0CPPS (Ryton®)3 hp3450230/460V 60Hz3
60-81E8-D2.0C$2,869.00PPS (Ryton®)2 hp3450230-460/3/50-603
60-81E8-C2.0C$3,236.00GRYK1-1/2/2EVN C2.0CPPS (Ryton®)2 hp3450115/230V 60Hz1
60-81E1-D3.0C$1,554.00GRYK1-1/2/2EV D3.0CPPS (Ryton®)3 hp3450230/460V 60Hz3
60-81E1-D2.0C$2,097.00PPS (Ryton®)2 hp3450208-230/460V 60Hz3
60-81E1-C2.0C$1,897.00GRYK1-1/2/2EV C2.0CPPS (Ryton®)2 hp3450115/230V 60Hz1
60-81D9-D1.5C$3,051.00GRYK1-1/2/2DLN D1.5CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D9-C1.5C$2,043.00GRYK1-1/2/2DLN C1.5CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D8-D2.0C$2,954.00GRYK1-1/2/2DVN D2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D8-D1.5C$2,455.00GRYK1-1/2/2DVN D1.5CPPS (Ryton®)1.5 hp3450208-230/460V 60Hz3
60-81D8-C2.0C$3,236.00GRYK1-1/2/2DVN C2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D8-C1.5C$2,865.56GRYK1-1/2/2DVN C1.5CPPS (Ryton®)1.5 hp3450115/230V 60Hz1
60-81D4-D1.5C$1,901.00GRYK1-1/2/2DL D1.5CPPS (Ryton®)
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
60-81D1-D2.0CCallGRYK1-1/2/2DV D2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D1-D1.5C$2,600.00GRYK1-1/2/2DV D1.5CPPS (Ryton®)1.5 hp3450208-230/460V 60Hz3
60-81D1-C2.0C$2,672.00GRYK1-1/2/2DV C2.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81D1-C1.5C$2,409.00GRYK1-1/2/2DV C1.5CPPS (Ryton®)1.5 hp3450115/230V 60Hz1
60-81D1$1,221.00GRYK1-1/2/2DV-PEOPPS (Ryton®)w/o Motor
60-81C9-D1.0C$1,851.00GRYK1-1/2/2CLN D1.0CPPS (Ryton®)
60-81C9-C1.0C$2,380.00GRYK1-1/2/2CLN C1.0CPPS (Ryton®)
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