High Viscosity Drum Pump
17 gpm / 64 lpm 174 psi / 12 bar
  • Rugged construction All SS 316 Choice of stater elastomers
  • Industrial Series 700 or Sanitary Series 800
  • Speed Reduced pump (SR) Max viscosity 25,000 cps/mPas
  • Direct Drive pump (DD) Max viscosity 100,000 cps/mPas
SERFILCO® Progressive Cavity pumps are engineered to transfer high viscosity materials from drums, tanks and IBC's. Utilizing the principle of positive displacement, these pumps deliver a continuous flow with little product degradation. The series 700 (Industrial) and series 800 (Sanitary) pumps can transfer materials ranging in viscosity up to 100,000 cps/ mPas. All pumps are constructed from robust SS 316 with a choice of stator elastomers. Series 700 Industrial Pumps are commonly used throughout the industrial marketplace for transferring viscous materials such as polymers, paints, resins, adhesives and petroleum based products. Series 800 Sanitary Pumps are commonly used throughout the sanitary food processing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries. Applications include the transfer of tomato paste, mayonnaise, pie fillings, salad dressing, shampoos, and cosmetic lotions. The series 800 pumps are manufactured according to standards with FDA approved materials of construction. The pumps utilize a threaded design and tri-clamp fittings for quick cleaning, inspection and maintenance.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialMaterialSizeFlow(max)Press.(max)Seal TypeBushing
52-7818-T$6,480.00TubeSS 316FKM47"12 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical SealSilicon Carbide
52-7818-FG$4,795.00SS 316 gpm
52-7817-T$6,395.00HVSS 316PTFE gpm
52-7817-FG$4,910.00SS 31653"7 gpm174 psiSilicon Carbide
52-7816-T$5,672.00SS 316 gpm
52-7816-FG$4,350.00SS 31647"7 gpm87 psiPTFE / Alumina
52-7815-T$6,408.00SS 316PTFE39"12 gpm87 psi
52-7815-FG$4,726.00Direct Drive SaniarySS 316NBR39"12 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical SealSilicon Carbide
52-7814-T$6,324.00SS 316 gpm
52-7814-FG$5,069.00Sani. Direct DrvSS 316NBR (Food Grade)7 gpm174 psiSilicon Carbide
52-7813-T$5,425.00SS 31639" Long7 gpm87 psiPTFE
52-7813-FG$5,775.00High Viscosity SanitarySS 316NBR7 gpm87 psiSilicon Carbide
52-7812-T$5,853.00SS 316 gpm
52-7812-FG$4,876.00SS 316 gpm
52-7811-T$6,019.00Drum PumpSS 316 gpm
52-7811-FG$4,989.00SS 316 gpm
52-7810-T$5,161.00SS 316PTFE27"7 gpm87 psi
52-7810-FG$4,769.00SS 3167 gpm87 psi
52-7808-T$6,927.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316PTFE47"12 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
52-7808-FG$5,566.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316NBR (Food Grade)47"12 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical SealSilicon Carbide
52-7807-T$6,365.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316PTFE47"7 gpm174 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
52-7807-FG$5,620.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316NBR (Food Grade)47"7 gpm174 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
52-7806-T$6,114.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316PTFE47"7 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
52-7806-FG$5,426.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316NBR (Food Grade)47"7 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
52-7805-T$6,815.00High Viscosity Pump TubeSS 316PTFE39"12 gpm87 psiSingle Mechanical Seal
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