Suction Skimmers
cleaners, machine tool coolants, cooling towers, water wall paint booth, plating baths and other process and waste treatment solutions
  • Skim rates to 80 GPM
  • Lightweight, easy to install Retrofit to existing pump inlet
  • Constructed of CPVC with polypropylene floating weir May be used for strong acids or alkaline solutions
Use with pump, filter, coalescing and carbon equipment which are available separately. Skim to remove and direct floating and submerged particulates into a filtration system to maintain peak performance and extend life. Skim to remove and direct floating oil from cleaners and aqueous solutions into a coalescing system to separate the two liquids. Water or cleaner may be reused or discharged. The oil may be collected for disposal. When the skimmer is used in conjunction with a coalescing chamber a low shear pump must be employed. A carbon chamber downstream of the coalescing chamber will remove trace organics from major phase discharge.
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99-0476-A$246.00SK 3/4 WITH 32" RISERUnspecified
99-1460$1,469.00SK 3CPVCPP (natural)3"3NPT3NPT80
99-1459$572.00SK 2CPVCPP (natural)2"2NPT2NPT60
99-1458$453.00SK 1 1/2CPVCPP (natural)1 1/2"1 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT40
99-0498$327.00CPVCPP (natural)3/4"3/4 Hose10
99-0475$395.00SK 1/2CPVCPP (natural)1/2"1/2 Hose1/2 Hose5
99-0476$342.00Extended SuctionCPVCPP (natural)3/43/4 Hose3/4 Hose10
99-0477$484.00SK 1CPVCPP (natural)1"1 Hose1 Hose15
99-0478$374.00SK 1-1/4CPVCPP (natural)1 1/4"1 1/4 Hose1 1/4 Hose20
99-0479$299.00CPVCPP (natural)1/2"1/2 Hose1/2 Hose5
99-0480$341.00CPVCPP (natural)1" 1 Hose1 Hose15
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