Activated Carbon
12x30 Mesh Standard
  • Versatile liquid adsorbent
  • Low pressure drop characteristics
  • Excellent product hardness
A Granular Activated Aarbon manufactured from specifically selected grade of coconut shell. The material is manufactured under stringently controlled conditions by steam activation, to produce a porous absorbent with a highly developed internal surface area Industry has found that granulated activated carbon from SERFILCO is a simple, cost-effective method to purify a wide variety of fluids. Because of its porosity, fluids can flow through the adsorptive granular carbon eliminating the need for mixing powdered carbon and its subsequent clean-up. The fact that the carbon can be in a separate chamber provides flexibility in adapting to an existing system or process.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialSizeMediaCapacityTotal Capacity
99-0997-50$372.00Coconut ShellCarbon Activated12x30 Mesh - 50 lbs. Drum1.6 x Bulk Carbon1.60.03m31.6ft3
99-0997-10$73.53Coconut ShellCarbon Activated12x30 Mesh - 10 lbs. Bag0.333 x Bulk Carbon0.3330.03m30.333ft3
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