Lead Removal Cartridges
1µm, 2µm
  • Contains Engelhard Corporation's ATS sorbent, a state-of-the-art ceramic lead removal matrix, along with a blend of premium performing, highly pulverized, activated carbon.
  • Offers true-depth type filtration for fine sediment, 1 to 2 micron particle removal.
  • Effectively removes both soluble and insoluble lead, foul tastes, odors and free chlorine.
  • Is unaffected by pH or the presence of other ions including calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese.
  • Bonds internally and irreversibly avoiding the potential hazard of a concentrated solution of lead "avalanching" into the treated water.
  • Available in two lengths: 9 3/4" or 20".
  • Constructed of molded polystyrene end caps with thermoplastic rubber gaskets, blue polyolefin outer net and a PP center core "sandwiching" a blend of highly purified activated powdered carbon and ATS lead removal sorbent. Inner layer of heat fused polyolefin fiber media prevents carbon bleed-off.
The inert molecular sieve construction of the ATS material internally and irreversibly locks onto any lead in solution reducing the concentration to below EPA guidelines with a very short contact time. The ATS material works well in hard water as well as in the presence of iron, manganese, magnesium and calcium ions. It functions on the principle of chemically "absorbing" the lead ions rather than insolubilizing the lead and will not put aluminum, copper or zinc ions into the treated water. The CLR Series has been evaluated against the test protocol as outlined in NSF standard #53 by a certified third-party laboratory. The results show that a standard 9 3/4" cartridge at 0.75 gpm will effectively reduce a 150 PPB spiked feed of lead to less than 10 PPB for 4000 gallons in a low pH, low alkalinity solution and for 3000 gallons in a high pH, high alkalinity solution.
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ActionSkuPriceDescriptionMaterialSizeMediaCapacityTotal Capacity
SF-CLR20W$66.16Lead RemovalUnspecified19-3/4"1 x 20" Filter Cartridge10.65m27ft2
SF-CLR10W$34.63Lead RemovalUnspecified9 3/4"1 x 10" Filter Cartridge10.33m23.5ft2
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