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White Tag Specials
White Tag Specials

White Tag Special

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Products » White Tag Specials » Reconditioned and Discontinued Equipment » White Tag Special
White Tag Special

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Material: Reconditioned and Discontinued Equipment

All White Tag equipment carries a full factory Warranty, is either:
New Old Stock - N.O.S.
Factory Reconditioned - F.R. and is subject to prior sale with all sales final.
Quantities are limited and may change without notice, please contact us with any questions

Product Literature (in PDF)
Product Bulletins

Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
WT-000371SERIES 'EC' VERTICAL PUMP, P-45-0204n/a$1,100.00
WT-000392SE1-1/2 CL-G1.0C, P-64-11C4-G1.0Cn/a$750.00
WT-000404RC200-3L(M1)-D1.5, P-61-0531 N.O.S.n/a$960.00
WT-000400OL125VCP-C1.0, 39-9142-En/a$600.00
WT-000413ME6MPVGC 2B-D.750, P-51-2622-Ln/a$725.00
WT-000382'K' CARTRIDGE CHBR, KC4SS20S-1-Vn/a$495.00
WT-000390HSS1-2V(M2)-D1.5, 61-0122-Hn/a$1,550.00
WT-000407HSS1-1/2-6V(M2)-D1.5X, P-62-0162-HX F.R.n/a$2,160.00
WT-000408HCI1 4L(M1)D2.0, P-61-0341-J, N.O.S.n/a$1,040.00
WT-000405HCI 1-1/2-7L(M1)-D2.0, P-62-0371-J N.O.S.n/a$900.00
WT-000403HC1X3/4C1V(M2XM1)-D.3, 47-0615-B, F.R.n/a$800.00
WT-000384H2X1-1/2CE2V(M8XM1)-D1.5, 42-0129-A, F.R.n/a$1,400.00
WT-000377H2X1-1/2CE2V(M2XM1)-D2.0, 42-0129-Bn/a$1,200.00
WT-000386H2X1-1/2 CE1V(M8)-D1.5, 42-0118-An/a$1,065.00
WT-000389EO1CV1-C.3, 39-1211-An/a$865.00
WT-000388EO1-1/4CL4-C1.0-MPH, 39-2214-DXn/a$990.00
WT-000410EHM3-8SC-H10.0, P-45-1886n/a$6,200.00
WT-000372'EC' Pump (45-0401) F.R., EKL3/4-2SC-C.3n/a$1,485.00
WT-000303Duplex Bag Chamber Sys. N.O.S., L44241FBC15DST$1,750.00
WT-000411DFS-1.5-SS, P-49-1413-An/a$5,300.00
WT-000417DD800-72-39-FG PUMP TUBE, 52-7814-Tn/a$3,300.00
WT-000380COALESCING CHBR (79-0909-1)F.R, 1F8KG-1n/a$785.00
WT-000420CL45DFC 1-1/2C MPLCR3C-D1.5, G3A SV4 PE7; PL1(528)CCS 1/2 Gn/a$3,999.00
WT-000374'B' MAG-COUPLED (48-0140) F.R., APS3450BL 115-230/1/60n/a$450.00
WT-000334AOD Pump PPN-1, P-55-7144-BPP$615.00
WT-000333AOD Pump (55-7288 A)F.R., PPBTF-1/2PP$410.00
WT-000357AOD Pump (55-7208 B)N.O.S., PPN-2PP$1,950.00
WT-0003941X3/4 MRGR-D.5, 44-4101-C, F.R.n/a$625.00
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