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Series 'S' Self-Priming Horizontal Pumps

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Products » Pumps » Horizontal Pumps » Series 'S' Self-Priming Horizontal Pumps
Series 'S' Self-Priming Horizontal Pumps

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Material: PP, PPS, PE- Plastic
Performance: 20-225 gpm


  • Flows to 270 gpm or 120' TDH
  • Choice of materials - glass reinforced polyester, PP or PPS with SS316 internal hardware
  • Non-metallic solution contact models available
  • Will reprime to 25 ft. (7.6m) vertical
  • Close-coupled to  electric motor, gasoline engine, hydraulic, pneumatic drive
  • Built-in check valve
  • BSP threads available on polyester models

The Series 'S' Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump is a chemically resistant pump for general service on water, salt water, mild acids and bases. It is offered in a choice of glass reinforced polyester, PP or PPS construction to provide a maximum range of chemical resistance. It is available with a choice of elastomers and SS 316 internal hardware or with completely non-metallic solution contact. The pump comes standard with 304 stainless external hardware.
All pumps include a built-in check valve and feature a self-cleaning double volute which allows the Series 'S' pump to self prime and lift to 25 ft. The self priming capability and chemical resistance make this an ideal chemical transfer, waste treatment, and emergency / backup pump.

Product Literature (in PDF)
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Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-64-0992MOTOR,10HP,3450 RPM, 3 PHASE, 208-230/460 VOLT,TEFC, 215Tn/a$923.00
P-64-11E4-D2.0CSE1 1/2EL-D2.0C, 'S' PUMPn/a$1,089.00
P-64-11A4-G.5CSE1-1/2AL G.5Cn/a$1,262.00
P-64-11A4-G.75CSE1-1/2-AL G.75C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,089.00
P-64-11A4-H.5CSE1-1/2AL H.5Cn/a$920.00
P-64-11A5-PSE1-1/2ALL CSS, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$638.00
P-64-11A5-BSE1-1/2ALL PE, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$438.00
P-64-11A5-DSE1-1/2ALL PSS, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$582.00
P-64-11A5-G.5CSE1-1/2ALL-G.5C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$953.00
P-64-11C4-G1.0CSE1-1/2CL G1.0Cn/a$1,145.00
P-64-11C4-H1.0CSE1-1/2CL H1.0Cn/a$1,369.00
P-64-11C4-BSE1-1/2CL PEn/a$410.00
P-64-11C5-PSE1-1/2CLL CSS, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$638.00
P-64-11C5-H1.0CSE1-1/2CLL H1.0C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$997.00
P-64-11C5-BSE1-1/2CLL PEn/a$438.00
P-64-11C5-DSE1-1/2CLL PSS, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$582.00
P-64-11C5-G1.0CSE1-1/2CLL-G1.0C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,166.00
P-64-11C1-H1.0CSE1-1/2CV H1.0C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,142.00
P-64-11C1-H1.5CSE1-1/2CV H1.5Cn/a$1,201.00
P-64-11C1-G1.0CSE1-1/2CV-G1.0C, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,310.00
P-64-11E4-C2.0CSE1-1/2EL-C2.0C, S SELF PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,327.00
P-64-11E5-D2.0CSE1-1/2ELL D2.0Cn/a$1,112.00
P-64-11E5-PNCSE1-1/2ELL PNV, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$1,119.00
P-64-11E5-HYCSE1-1/2ELL-HYC, S SELF-PRIMING PUMPn/a$919.00
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