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Series 'EF' Vertical Pumps

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Products » Pumps » Vertical Pumps » Series 'EF' Vertical Pumps
Series 'EF' Vertical Pumps

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Material: CPVC, PP, PVDF
Performance: 50-400 gpm


  • Flows to 400 gpm or 170 FT. TDH @ 60 Hz

  • Non-metallic solution contact PPP, CPVC or PVDF

  • Can run dry indefinitely

  • Heavy duty PTFE vapor seal

  • Centrifugal, quiet and vibration free

  • In-tank or out-of-tank

  • Chemical duty motor (7.5 - 15.0 HP)

  • Column length 14" or 17"

The Series 'EF' Vertical Pump represents the next generation of molded pumps from SERFILCO with flows to 400 gpm at 60 Hz. It is a robust design to meet the most demanding applications while providing the economy of operation found in all of our molded pumps.
The 'EF' features a cantilevered, sleeved, SS shaft with vapor seal to provide protection for the motor. The cantilevered shaft eliminates bearings and conventional pump seals, resulting in a pump that can run dry indefinitely without damage. This pump is offered in a choice of our exclusive PPP high temperature polypropylene, CPVC, or PVDF construction and, as with all of our vertical cantilever pumps, provides non-metallic solution contact.
A compound impeller prevents liquid from rising in the column even at maximum TDH, while the fully enclosed bottom impeller provides high hydraulic efficiency at low horsepower.
A unique characteristic of our vertical cantilever pumps is their ability to lift solution with an optional suction extension installed. The pump self primes as long as liquid is at or above the level of the impeller. Once primed the solution will then be pumped down to the end of the suction extension to a maximum depth of 9 ft. (2.7m).

Pump models are molded of PPP high temperature polypropylene, CPVC or PVDF with a sleeved SS shaft and offer non-metallic solution contact. The 1" thick mounting plate is polypropylene or PVC and includes a PTFE vapor seal. Standard O-Rings are EPDM (ethylene propylene). The compound design impeller is fully enclosed for maximum efficiency.
The chemical duty, NEMA"C" face, motors are 208-230/460V/3/60 @ 3450 or 1725 RPM and 190-208/380-415 V/3/50 @ 2850 or 1450 RPM. Motors are painted with two part epoxy enamel. These pumps can be used with up to a 9 ft (2.7 m) suction extension under certain conditions.

Product Literature (in PDF)
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Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-45-2010EF3X2-1SC, 14",PEO, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$3,427.00
P-45-2012EF3X2-1SC-D10.0, 14",10hp, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$6,618.00
P-45-2012-VEF3X2-1SC-D10.0-V, 14",10hp,FKM O-RingsCPVC$6,762.00
P-45-2010-VEF3X2-1SC-PEO-V, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,506.00
P-45-2020EF3X2-2SC, 14",PEO, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$3,427.00
P-45-2022-575EF3X2-2SC-D10.0-575, (575V MOTOR)CPVC$6,484.00
P-45-2023EF3X2-2SC-D15.0, 14",15hp, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$6,257.00
P-45-2023-575EF3X2-2SC-D15.0-575, 14",15hp, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$6,257.00
P-45-2023-VEF3X2-2SC-D15.0-V, 14",15hp,FKM O-RingsCPVC$6,333.00
P-45-2020-VEF3X2-2SC-PEO-V, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,506.00
P-45-2020-VHEF3X2-2SC-PEO-V-MPH, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,557.00
P-45-2030EF3X2-3SC, 14",PEO, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$3,427.00
P-45-2036-VEF3X2-3SC-D15.0-V, 14",15hp,FKM O-RingsCPVC$5,987.00
P-45-2034EF3X2-3SC-H7.5, (ΓΈ6.63" IMPELLER, 1800 RPM)CPVC$5,813.00
P-45-2030-VEF3X2-3SC-PEO-V, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,506.00
P-45-2040EF3X2-4SC, 14",PEO, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$3,427.00
P-45-2040-VEF3X2-4SC-PEO-V, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,506.00
P-45-2050EF3X2-5SC, 14",PEO, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$3,427.00
P-45-2054EF3X2-5SC-H7.5, 14",7.5hp, EPDM O-RingsCPVC$5,150.00
P-45-2050-VEF3X2-5SC-PEO-V, 14",PEO,FKM O-RingsCPVC$3,506.00
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