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Admiral 'EOS' Filtration Systems

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Products » Filtration Systems » Filtration System - in tank » Admiral 'EOS' Filtration Systems
Admiral 'EOS' Filtration Systems

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Acid / Alkaline
or aqueous solutions

Material: CPVC, PP, PVDF
Performance: 1800-4200 gph


  • Flow rates from 1800 to 4200 GPH
  • Non-metallic solution contact PP, CPVC or PVDF with EPDM or FKM elastomers.
  • Runs dry without damage
  • High filter surface area 3 - 20", 30" or 40" cartridges
  • Compact package
  • Designed for reservoir installation
  • Economical OEM replacement


  • Improve finish goods quality, eliminate scrap and rework
  • Reduce chemical consumption by maintaining solution quality
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance with dry-run capable Series 'EO' pump and high surface area Series 'S' chamber
  • Higher continuous flow and filter area than competitive systems
  • Easy media change - no tools required


    SYSTEM - ADMIRAL 'EOS' filtration systems consist of a vertical, dry-run capable pump, and a three column filter chamber for 3 - 20", 30" or 40" filter cartridges. The pump includes a suction strainer and is mounted with the chamber in a compact configuration using a common mounting plate. Systems are available in PP, CPVC or PVDF.

    FILTER - Industry proven for ease of service and reliability, the Series 'S' filter chamber will accommodate a variety of filter media including string wound, pleated, melt-blown or carbon cartridges. The ruggedly constructed chamber features a low pressure drop for long intervals of continuous high flow. The chamber includes a swing bolt cover closure with 'T'-handles, so no tools are required and cartridge changing is quick and convenient. Also included is a 0 - 30 psi gauge with guard and vent plug. The chamber features totally non-metallic solution contact and SS external hardware.

    PUMP - The Series 'EO' pump benefits from proven design features gained through over 40 years of experience in developing chemically resistant vertical pumps. The unique design of this pump includes a fully sleeved SS shaft threaded into a chemical duty motor. This eliminates weak shaft connections, pump bearings, spindles, bushings and liners, resulting in a chemical duty pump which can run dry indefinitely, providing years of trouble-free service.
    A labyrinth and a TFE vapor seal between the rotating shaft and the support column protect the motor. The compound impeller prevents liquid from rising in the column, even at maximum TDH, while the fully enclosed bottom impeller provides efficient flow performance at low horsepower.
    All models are injection molded of PP, CPVC or 100% pure PVDF. The SS shaft is fully sleeved with the same material from which the pump is constructed. Fasteners are SS. The chemical duty motor has a SS nameplate and is dual range 50 and 60 Hz.

Product Literature (in PDF)
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Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
S-CS12EO4CL120(4)S 1-1/4CU, EO1-1/4CL4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,915.00
S-CS12EO5CL120(4)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CL5-D1.5-G3CPVC$3,091.00
S-CS12EO1CL120(4)S 1CU EO1CL1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,562.00
S-CS12EO3CL120(4)S 1CU EO1CL3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,739.00
S-CS6EO4CL60(2)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CL4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,812.00
S-CS6EO5CL60(2)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CL5-D1.5-G3CPVC$2,986.00
S-CS6EO1CL60(2)S 1CU EO1CL1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,461.00
S-CS6EO3CL60(2)S 1CU EO1CL3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,812.00
S-CS9EO4CL90(3)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CL4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,862.00
S-CS9EO5CL90(3)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CL5-D1.5-G3CPVC$3,039.00
S-CS9EO1CL90(3)S 1CU EO1CL1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,510.00
S-CS9EO3CL90(3)S 1CU EO1CL3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,786.00
S-CS12EO4VCV120(4)S 1-1/4CU, EO1-1/4CV4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,965.00
S-CS12EO5VCV120(4)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV5-D1.5-G3CPVC$3,142.00
S-CS12EO1VCV120(4)S 1CU EO1CV1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,612.00
S-CS12EO3VCV120(4)S 1CU EO1CV3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,789.00
S-CS6EO4VCV60(2)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,862.00
S-CS6EO5VCV60(2)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV5-D1.5-G3CPVC$3,036.00
S-CS6EO1VCV60(2)S 1CU EO1CV1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,511.00
S-CS6EO3VCV60(2)S 1CU EO1CV3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,862.00
S-CS9EO4VCV90(3)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV4-D1.0-G3CPVC$2,912.00
S-CS9EO5VCV90(3)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV5-D1.5-G3CPVC$3,089.00
S-CS9EO5VKYCV90(3)S 1CU, EO1-1/4CV5-D1.5-KY-G3CPVC$3,266.00
S-CS9EO1VCV90(3)S 1CU EO1CV1-C.3-G3CPVC$2,560.00
S-CS9EO3VCV90(3)S 1CU EO1CV3-C.75-G3CPVC$2,836.00
S-KS12EO4KL120(4)S 1-1/4KU, EO1-1/4KL4-D1.0-G3PVDF$7,355.00
S-KS12EO5KL120(4)S 1KU, EO1-1/4KL5-D1.5-G3PVDF$7,431.00
S-KS12EO1KL120(4)S 1KU EO1KL1-C.3-G3PVDF$6,778.00
S-KS12EO3KL120(4)S 1KU EO1KL3-C.75-G3PVDF$7,049.00
S-KS6EO4KL60(2)S 1KU, EO1-1/4KL4-D1.0-G3PVDF$6,341.00
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