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White Tag Specials

Series 'S' Plastic Filter Chambers

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Products » Filter Chambers » Cartridge Chambers » Series 'S' Plastic Filter Chambers
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Available Products:

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Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-78-0451-AVKV60(2)S 1 G3, 20", DOE,FKM O-Ring, 1NPTPVDF$2,977.00
P-78-0362-KVKV60(2)SJ-1-G3, 'S' CHMBR PVDF, (BOTTOM INLET FOR SX/SM)PVDF$2,807.00
P-78-0452-AVKV90(3)S 1 G3, 30", DOE,FKM O-Ring, 1NPTPVDF$3,507.00
P-78-1135PL120(4)S 1 G3PVC$886.00
P-78-1135-2PL120(4)S 1 G3-2PVC$932.00
P-78-1132PL30(1)S 1 G3PVC$747.00
P-78-1132-2PL30(1)S 1 G3-2PVC$839.00
P-78-1133PL60(2)S 1 G3PVC$798.00
P-78-1133-2PL60(2)S 1 G3-2PVC$870.00
P-78-1134PL90(3)S 1 G3PVC$845.00
P-78-1134-2PL90(3)S 1 G3-2PVC$901.00
P-78-1043-APPL120(4)S 1 G3PP$1,494.00
P-78-0364-PPPPL120(4)SJ-1-G3, 'S' CHMBR PP, (BOTTOM INLET FOR SX/SM)PP$1,365.00
P-78-1040-APPL30(1)S 1 G3PP$1,118.00
P-78-1041-APPL60(2)S 1 G3PP$1,251.00
P-78-0362-PPPPL60(2)SJ1-G3, (BOTTOM INLET FOR SX/SM)PP$1,123.00
P-78-1042-APPL90(3)S 1 G3PP$1,370.00
P-78-0363-PPPPL90(3)SJ-1-G3, 'S' CHMBR PP, (BOTTOM INLET FOR SX/SM)n/a$1,241.00
P-78-1043-AVPPV120(4)S 1 G3PP$1,514.00
P-78-1040-AVPPV30(1)S 1 G3PP$1,190.00
P-78-1041-AVPPV60(2)S 1 G3PP$1,318.00
P-78-1042-AVPPV90(3)S 1 G3PP$1,442.00
P-78-1135-VPV120(4)S 1 G3PVC$942.00
P-78-1135-V2PV120(4)S 1 G3-2PVC$963.00
P-78-1132-VPV30(1)S 1 G3PVC$814.00
P-78-1132-V2PV30(1)S 1 G3-2PVC$850.00
P-78-1133-VPV60(2)S 1 G3PVC$870.00
P-78-1133-V2PV60(2)S 1 G3-2PVC$922.00
P-78-1134-VPV90(3)S 1 G3PVC$912.00
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