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White Tag Specials

Conductivity ControllerMonitor

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Conductivity ControllerMonitor

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Ideal for plating rinse water

Performance: Conductivity


  • Corrosion resistant Wall mount NEMA 12 enclosure w/ LED lamps: POWER ON, VALVE OPEN
  • Submersion sensor - dual range0 to 500 micromhos and 500 to 5,000 micromhos w/ Variable set-point
  • Solenoid valve Nylon (glass reinforced), 1" NPT 24 volt for safety


  • Conserve rinse water - up to 85%
  • Eliminate rejects from spotty rinsing
  • Reduce waste treatment load
  • Reduce sewer use charges

    What it does -
    The CC-97 and CC-95 controllers are fully automatic systems which will greatly reduce the amount of water used in continuous
    flow rinse tanks. At the same time, they automatically maintain water quality, ensuring effective rinsing in water up to 180°F (82°C).
    How it works -
    The three parts of the system are easily installed. Submersible conductivity sensor is adjusted to either of the two microsiemen
    scales and immersed in rinse tank. Controller set-point is then selected. Generally, rinse water contamination is caused by chemicals being "dragged in" and salts that are dissolved from the parts being rinsed. These solutions ionize and can be measured and controlled by their electrical conductivity. Rinse water cannot flow into the tank until the contamination level rises above the set-point. Sensor then signals for solenoid valve to open and add fresh water. When the dilution lowers the contamination to below the set-point, the solenoid valve will close. Indicator lights on controller signal operating power and valve position.

Product Literature (in PDF)

Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-56-0552CC-97 CONTROLLER SYSTEM, 120/1/60 NEMA 12 WALL MNTn/a$2,295.00
P-56-0552-BCC-97 CONTROLLER SYSTEM, 240/1/50 NEMA 12 WALL MNTn/a$1,255.00
P-56-0557CCM-57-100 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0557-CCCM-57-100 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0557-ACCM-57-100 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0555CCM-57-20 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0555-CCCM-57-20 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0555-ACCM-57-20 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0558CCM-57-200 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0558-CCCM-57-200 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0558-ACCM-57-200 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0560CCM-57-2000 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0560-ACCM-57-2000 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0560-CCCM-57-2000 220/1/50 MONTOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0556CCM-57-50 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0556-CCCM-57-50 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0556-ACCM-57-50 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0559CCM-57-500 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,284.00
P-56-0559-ACCM-57-500 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0559-CCCM-57-500 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0569CCM-57-5000 115/1/60 MONITOR, W/SENSOR & POWER CORDn/a$1,671.00
P-56-0569-ACCM-57-5000 115/1/60 W/SENSOR,, 1"SOL VALVE&TRANSFORMER(24V)n/a$1,586.00
P-56-0569-CCCM-57-5000 220/1/50 MONITOR, SENSOR, W/O POWER CORDn/a$1,235.00
P-56-0084CM-14, CONDUCTIVITY CONTROLn/a$274.00
P-56-0088POWER ADAPTER 230 VAC 50 HZ, ORP AND PH PARTSn/a$65.72
P-56-0108-ASOLENOID VALVE, PP, 1" (24V), POLYPROPYLENEn/a$546.00
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