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Latest News
August 16, 2021
Supply Chain Surcharge Announcement for 2021

SERFILCO prides itself on making high quality products at competitive prices, and we appreciate very much the loyalty you - our customers continue to demonstrate towards us on a daily basis.

Since the end of 2020, raw materials we use to mold and machine pump and filter parts alongside materials for filter cartridge manufacturing, have all seen unprecedented price increases due to supply and demand issues. In addition, we have seen large increases in electric motor pricing due to copper shortages - resulting in high metal prices across the board. Some materials have seen increases in excess of 20%.

SERFILCO has absorbed all of these increases to date. However, we do now need to try and cover some of the increases that have been passed down by our supply chain. We have worked diligently over the years to create a coherent and competitive pricing structure. As many of these increases will hopefully be reduced in time, we have decided that we will not introduce a mid-year price increase, but rather adopt a Supply Chain Surcharge approach which can be easily removed when pricing normalizes.

To that end, effective September 1st 2021 (09/01/21), we will be adding a “Supply Chain Surcharge” line item to quotations and any orders processed of 3% of the net value of the quotation or order.

We have tried to minimize the effect on pricing, and continue to manage our supply chain diligently to make sure we have what you need, when you need it.

We trust that you understand our position and appreciate that we have tried to minimize the overall impact as we navigate through these strange circumstances.


Small Hand Operated Barrel & Container Pumps

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Products » Pumps » Drum-Barrel-Tote » Small Hand Operated Barrel & Container Pumps
Small Hand Operated Barrel & Container Pumps

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For dispensing of small quantities.

All polyethylene. Hand operated bellows and flexible discharge tube will syphon to a lower or pump to a higher level. For dispensing mild acids, caustics, light oils, waxes and disinfectants at ambient temperatures. Top vent cap is syphon breaker, 2 IPS threaded male adapter. 33" long tube, 46" long hose. For 15, 30 and 55 gal. drums. 5 gpm. Wt. 1 lb.

Constructed of polyethylene and PP. Threads onto 2" and 3/4" NPT drum opening. With adjustable suction tube. For 15, 30 and 55 gal. drums.

Effortless syphon flow after priming with several turns. For 15,30 or 55 gal. drums. Ideal for detergents and light oils. Pumps 6 gpm at 60 turns per min. 2" IPS threaded male adapter. Features Buna N gaskets.
Syphons 4 gpm after priming; Pumps 6 gpm @ 60 RPM.
Cast iron. Wt. 14 lbs., 52" Pumps 15 gpm @ 60 RPM. Aluminum. Wt. 14-1/2 lbs., 53"

Fits 15, 30 and 55 gal. containers. Includes 2" IPS threaded male adapter. Pumps 8 oz. on each upstroke.
SS 316 and PTFE for alkalies, mild acids.
Chrome plated steel with polyethylene for non-corrosives, soaps, disinfectants. All polyethylene construction. Hand operated bellows. Fits 5-gal. cans, bottles or drums. Ideal for mildly corrosive fluids at ambient temperatures. Top vent cap is syphon breaker. 16" long tube, 21" long hose.

Product Literature (in PDF)

Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-56-0010146C PISTON PUMPn/a$57.79
P-56-0011-C4A PLASTIC SYPHON PUMPn/a$37.21
P-56-0003B PLASTIC PISTON PUMPn/a$22.86
P-56-0022LP32 ROTARY METAL PUMPn/a$336.00
P-56-0175METAL PISTON PUMP 316SS, TFE TRIMn/a$235.00
P-56-0000-APH10 PLASTIC SYPHON PUMPn/a$11.77
P-56-0005-ASC25 ROTARY METAL PUMPn/a$122.00
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