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White Tag Specials

Series 'HE' Horizontal Pumps

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Products » Pumps » Horizontal Pumps » Series 'HE' Horizontal Pumps
Series 'HE' Horizontal Pumps

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Performance: 20-175 gpm


  • Flows to 175 gpm or 130' TDH @ 60 Hz
  • Non-metallic solution contact PPP, CPVC, PVDF or ECTFE
  • Single or double mechanical seal
  • Centrifugal - quiet, vibration-free
  • NPT or metric connections available
  • Chemical duty motor

Here is a pump capable of "total" chemical resistance, both internally and externally with its non-metallic construction of all wetted components, choice of seal assembly and elastomer materials. Engineering grade plastics provide application compatibility with a varietyof chemicals that would be corrosive to other materials of construction.

The totally enclosed impeller is molded to close tolerances which allow this pump to operate at peak horsepower efficiency across a broad range of operational flow/head requirements.The external mechanical seal and impeller sleeve design isolates metal components to provide non-metallic solution contact with the pumped solution.
The standard (M8) seal assembly has silicon carbide seal faces and is the most durable and longest lasting mechanical seal available. The double mechanical seal models require water lubrication of the seal faces and allows the pump to be used for solutions containing abrasives, high salt concentrations and for electroless plating solutions.
Standard models are constructed of CPVC, PP, PVDF or ECTFE with threaded connections. Elastomers are EPDM or FKM. The mechanical seal is type 21, externally mounted with SS components not in solution contact.
A double mechanical seal is recommended for solutions containing abrasives and for high temperature or other critical service. Close coupled motors are NEMA 'JM' or metric (IEC) standard. The motors designated NEMA can operate on 50 or 60 Hz at full rated horsepower.

Consult Application Engineering Department for BSP fittings or adapters.

Product Literature (in PDF)
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Available Products:

Please contact us with any application or pricing questions you may have
Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-42-0314Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M8XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,788.00
P-42-0314-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M8XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,427.00
P-42-0314-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M8XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,437.00
P-42-0314-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M8XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,498.00
P-42-0315Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M1XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,622.00
P-42-0315-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M1XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,258.00
P-42-0315-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M1XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,267.00
P-42-0315-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1L(M1XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,327.00
P-42-0316Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M2XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,635.00
P-42-0316-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M2XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,271.00
P-42-0316-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M2XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,282.00
P-42-0316-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M2XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,341.00
P-42-0319Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M8XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,788.00
P-42-0319-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M8XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,427.00
P-42-0319-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M8XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,437.00
P-42-0319-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE1V(M8XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,498.00
P-42-0324Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M8XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,788.00
P-42-0324-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M8XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,427.00
P-42-0324-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M8XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,437.00
P-42-0324-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M8XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,498.00
P-42-0324-DExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M8XM1)-D5.0PVDF$2,928.00
P-42-0325Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M1XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,622.00
P-42-0325-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M1XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,258.00
P-42-0325-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M1XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,267.00
P-42-0325-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M1XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,327.00
P-42-0325-DExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2L(M1XM1)-D5.0PVDF$2,758.00
P-42-0326Export License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2V(M2XM1)-PEOPVDF$1,635.00
P-42-0326-AExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2V(M2XM1)-D1.5PVDF$2,271.00
P-42-0326-BExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2V(M2XM1)-D2.0PVDF$2,282.00
P-42-0326-CExport License Required, H2X1-1/2KE2V(M2XM1)-D3.0PVDF$2,341.00
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