HC Pump
10-70 gpm
  • Flows to 78 gpm or 53' TDH @ 60 Hz
  • Non-metallic solution contact - CPVC or 100% PVDF
  • Single or double mechanical seal Carbon/ceramic or silicon carbide EPDM or FKM elastomers
  • Centrifugal - quiet, vibration-free
  • Standard models provide non-overloading full flow with liquids to 1.2 S.G.
  • Chemical duty motor (1/3 - 1-1/2 HP)
Series 'HC' Horizontal Pumps feature "total" chemical resistance with non-metallic construction of all wetted components. The molded, semi-enclosed impellers are designed to provide maximum pumping efficiency. These pumps feature external single seal or double water-flushed mechanical seal with choice of EPDM or FKM elastomer materials. Available close-coupled to minimize size or long-coupled with bearing pedestal base plate and motor. All closecoupled pumps are driven by chemical duty motors suitable for continuous duty in corrosive environments. Pumps are ideal for transferring and recirculating industrial solutions, plating solutions, process chemicals and other fluid handling applications.
Series 'HC' pumps have 1" FNPT suction x 3/4" MNPT discharge and are available in CPVC or 100% PVDF. Series 'HK' pumps have 1 1/2" MNPT suction x 1 1/2" MNPT discharge and are available in CPVC with PVDF suction casing or 100% PVDF. Standard elastomers are FKM, EPDM is available. All models utilize a molded, semi-enclosed impeller. Mechanical seal is Type 21, externally mounted with SS components not in solution contact. Double mechanical seal is designed for flushing the seal chamber with water and is recommended for applications where abrasives or salts are present, or for conditions where metal deposition will occur. In addition, double water flush sealed pumps will permit dry run operation. Standard mechanical seal faces are silica-free ceramic/carbon (M1) and (M2). Silicon carbide seal faces (M8) are available and recommended for critical applications. Motors are chemical duty with sealed oversize earings, cast iron end bells, two-part epoxy finish, and SS tag. Motors are rated with 1.15 service factor at 50 or 60 Hz.
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ActionSkuPriceMaterialMaterialInletOutletFlow(max)Press.(max)Seal Type
47-0610$1,468.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0614$1,189.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0610-A$1,965.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0624$1,192.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0610-B$2,006.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0611-B$1,602.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0614-A$1,694.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0614-B$1,735.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0711$1,176.00PVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0714CallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0721$1,177.00PVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0724CallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0619$1,596.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0619-A$2,093.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0619-B$2,133.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0620$1,468.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0620-C$2,054.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0724-DCallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0621-D$1,778.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0729CallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0729-CCallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
47-0729-DCallPVDFEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftDouble Mechanical Seal
47-0620-D$2,018.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT35 gpm48.45 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0611$1,064.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
47-0611-A$1,685.00CPVCEPDM1NPT3/4NPT25 gpm27.68 ftSingle Mechanical Seal
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