Metering Pump
.006-25 GPH Metering
  • Wide model selection, Capacities to 25 GPH, Choice of control options, Standard and optional liquid ends to meet any application
  • Encapsulated electronics Pump electronics are enclosed in housing of corrosion- resistant PP, protecting the pump from spilled chemical and corrosive atmosphere.
  • Pump status LED Provides visual indicator of pump operation
  • Capable of handling - Acids Soaps Wetting Agents Caustics Brighteners Inhibitors Flocculents Detergents Filter Aids Chlorine Dyes ... and many more
  • Inherent pressure relief Should the back pressure exceed the strength of the magnetic force developed by the power coil, the pump will stop stroking, preventing any damage and eliminating the need for a pressure relief valve.
  • Saves you money Power used only during discharge portion of each stroke. Minimum electrical consumption and low heat.
  • Low maintenance - One moving unit, the armature-diaphragm assembly. No lubrication required. Modular construction provides easy replacement of components and major assemblies.
  • Free installation kit included - Contains essential components for installation: PE suction & discharge tubing Foot valve & strainer Injection check valve
  • UL listed, CE compliant
INTERNAL CONTROL, Series AA1, B1, C1 These pumps offer the versatility of independently adjustable stroke length and stroke frequency, allowing dual manual control of pump output. SERIES 'AA' .006 GPH to 2.0 GPH (.38 to 126 ml/M) Series AA_4, AA_5 and AA_6 provide output ranges of 100:1. Series AA_7 and AA_8 offer output ranges of 66:1. SERIES 'B' and 'C' .008 GPH to 25 GPH (.05 to 1578 ml/M) Series B and C provide output ranges of 100:1. INTERNAL / EXTERNAL CONTROL, Series AA7, B7, C7 These metering pumps offer the versatility of a selector switch for either internal (manual) or external (automatic) control. Perfect for proportional treatment installations, or for use with the A/D converter or ampere-time meters where pump stroke frequency must vary linearly in response to plating ampere-hours. These pumps respond to any external switch closure, providing automatic stroke frequency control or proportional feeding. Series B7 & C7 also include adjustable electronic pressure control as a standard feature. This reduces the electrical load to the solenoid based on pump pressure required. MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL, Series AA9, B9, C9 These are programmable electronic pumps featuring microprocessor-based control which employs an LCD display and a 4-key tactile keypad. They also come with continuous memory back-up which insures the integrity of your programmed values in the event of a power failure and keypad adjustable pressure control which reduces noise, shock and vibration during operation. The pump can be run in either manual / external mode select (0-100 sph or 1-100 spm) or external modes of 4-20 mA input control, both direct or inverse. It can also multiply or divide incoming pulses from a voltage free reed switch, transistor, opto-coupler or Hall Effect sensor.
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