Electronic Flow Control Instruments
Filtration systems Waste water monitoring Process flow control and monitoring Water treatment systems Batch processing and bottling Feed pump pulsing and chemical additions
  • 1/2" to 4" pipe size, 0 - 800 GPM
  • Highly accurate ± 1% full scale, ± 0.5% repeatability
  • Local or remote readout and control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Convenient field calibration
  • Highly flexible
  • Interface with metering pumps, chart recorders, alarms or programmable logic controllers.
  • Intrinsically safe model available
  • Quality standards: UL, CSA, CE (except Model 5600)
These high performance electronic flow monitoring / control systems consist of three components: 1. Flow Meter 2. In-line/Insertion Flow Sensor 3. Installation Fitting A variety of different configurations is available to provide a system that will monitor or control the movement of fluids and is compatible with corrosive chemicals. The instruments are waterproof for long life in shop environments. A system may be assembled to monitor a process flow rate (GPM, LPM or any other units) or keep track of accumulated flow for a period of time (totalize gallons or liters). Instruments can be selected that provide a pre-set electrical output signal for batchmixing applications or triggering acid and caustic feed pumps. They can also be interfaced with other instruments in your plant, including a computer. The accuracy and reliability come from patented Flow Sensor designs that convert fluid velocity in a pipe into an electronic signal. The signal is measured and channeled through microprocessor based solid state circuitry to the appropriate meter: flow rate, totalizer or controller. Cost effectiveness of this equipment makes plant applications feasible. The initial investment pays for itself quickly by providing cost savings from improved process efficiency. These systems are an excellent choice for the simple to the complex industrial application
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52-0994-G$2,390.00ELECTRONIC, DMKY-1PVDF1NPT1NPT50 100Drum Pump Package
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