Coalescing Cartrigde
Water from hydraulic oil Tramp oil from coolants Oils and lubricants from cleaners Liquid contaminants from waste effluents
PP, Nylon, Glass
  • Nylon media for water from hydraulic oil
  • PP media for tramp oil from semi-aqueous cleaner
  • Glass media for chemical compatibility
  • Maximum temperature 160°F
These high efficiency coalescing elements are designed to reduce the level of the separated liquid - oil, water, etc. - to 10 ppm or less. This high efficiency is attributable to the manufacturing process that produces a precise fiber pattern with progressively larger openings in the direction of fluid flow. This design maximizes the coalescing process by permitting the oil, water or other contaminating liquid to unite and form a distinctly separate and removable fluid. Select nylon, PP or glass fiber coalescing elements, to suit the specific chemical compatibility requirements of your fluid. NOTE: These coalescing elements are designed to operate with dissimilar, non-emulsified liquids that have a specific gravity difference of .09 or greater. If particles are present in the fluid, prefilter to maximize the coalescing element's efficiency and service life. Consult Sales Department for coalescing chambers and systems.
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88-0816$93.02PA (Nylon)NORPRENEø6"x11"
88-0524$48.42K-25 X 10" NPPVPPPET
88-3250$202.00COALESCING, SF-K4X11GGLASS
88-3249$72.41SS 304 CorePPNBRø4 x 11"
88-3248$78.99COALESCING, SF-K4X11NPA (Nylon)4" Dia x0.33m2
88-3246$28.78PPEPDM.5µm x ø2.5" 0.33m23.5ft2
88-3245$32.62COALESCINGPA (Nylon)EPDMø2.5"x10
88-3248-V$92.17COALESCING, SF-K4X11N-VPA (Nylon)
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