1/4NPT to 1 1/2NPT
  • Efficient agitation and mixing
  • Saves metal as a result of more uniform brightness and thickness distribution
  • Permits increased current density, especially compared to air or cathode rod agitation, for faster plating rate
  • Reduces airborne fume emissions by 90%
  • Saves heating costs up to 25%
  • Reduces brightener consumption 20%
  • Improves throw and deposit thickness in blind and through holes and recesses
  • Reduces carbonates in alkaline processes
  • Reduces or eliminates gas-pitting
  • Provides constant agitation because SER-DUCTOR systems don't clog

A SER-DUCTOR system provides solution agitation with a centrifugal pump by drawing liquid from a tank and returning it to the tank through a sparger system, similar to that used for air agitation, with eductors strategically placed along the sparger pipe.

Eductor agitation delivers 5 times the pump output at each nozzle.It effectively distributes the desired level of agitation to critical areas in your process tank. The system is driven by your choice of vertical, magnetic drive, self-priming or mechanical seal pump.

With SER-DUCTOR systems , solutions are agitated without the introduction of foreign matter such as airborne dirt or compressor oil, as is often the case with air agitation. Whether the solution is a cleaner, a rinse, a plating bath or other process solution, it is only this fluid that is recirculated by the SER-DUCTOR system.

SER-DUCTOR agitation in a process tank keeps particulate from settling to the tank bottom where it can form a layer of sludge that shortens the life of the solution, requires expensive dumps, new make-ups and costly downtime in between for manual cleanout of the tank bottom. By effectively keeping the "dirt" in suspension, the SER-DUCTOR system makes it easier for a filtration system on the tank to remove particles. This extends the life of the bath and greatly reduces the possibility of contamination being carried to other tanks in the process cycle where it can lead to costly rejects and even product failure

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33-1732$19.06PP3/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
33-1732-C$39.47CPVC3/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
33-1732-F$111.00Iron, Cast3/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
33-1732-H$73.28ECTFE3/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
33-1732-K$67.92PVDF3/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
United States:
Toll Free: +1 (800) 323-5431
33-1732-PCallPVC3/8NPT gpm
33-1732-S$61.41SS 3163/8NPT3/8NPT17 gpm45 psi
33-1733$39.47PP3/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1733-C$39.47CPVC3/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1733-F$160.00IRON CAST3/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1733-H$117.00ECTFE3/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1733-K$70.30PVDF3/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1733-S$677.00SS 3163/4NPT3/4NPT28 gpm45 psi
33-1734$121.00PP1 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT72 gpm45 psi
33-1734-F$360.00Iron, Cast1 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT72 gpm45 psi
33-1734-K$331.00PVDF1 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT72 gpm45 psi
33-1734-S$1,135.53SS 3161 1/2NPT1 1/2NPT72 gpm45 psi
33-1736-F$254.00IRON CAST1NPT1NPT43 gpm45 psi
33-1736-K$326.86PVDF1NPT1NPT43 gpm45 psi
33-1736-S$675.00SS 3161NPT1NPT43 gpm45 psi
33-1930$14.75PP1/4NPT1/4NPT7 gpm45 psi
33-1930-C$28.28CPVC1/4NPT1/4NPT7 gpm45 psi
33-1930-H$43.38ECTFE1/4NPT1/4NPT7 gpm45 psi
33-1930-K$33.27PVDF1/4NPT1/4NPT7 gpm45 psi
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