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January 01, 2019
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Available Products:

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Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-44-4047.33 HP 115-230/1/60 TENVFRAME 56J$508.00
P-44-4048.50 HP 115-230/1/60 TEFC 56J, 3450 RPMFRAME 56J$545.00
P-44-4059.50HP 208-230-460/3/50-60FRAME 56J$606.00
P-66-0907.5HP 115-200/1/60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$923.00
P-66-1004.5HP 115-230/1/60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$566.00
P-66-0779-F.5HP 230/1/50, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$938.00
P-66-0406.5HP 230-460/3/50-60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$503.00
P-66-0905.5HP 230-460/3/50-60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$737.00
O-6000.5HP EXP 115/230/1/60, 3450RPM (EC-2 PUMP)MOTOR$667.00
O-6001.5HP EXP 208-230/460/3/60, 3450RPM (EC-2 PUMP)MOTOR$687.00
P-66-1048.75 HP, 2850/3450RPM, 3PH, 56CZ, 50/60HZFRAME 56CZ$702.00
P-66-0428-F.75HP 115-230/1/60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$954.00
P-66-0934.75HP 115-230/1/60n/a$917.00
P-66-0780-F.75HP 230/1/50, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$720.00
P-66-0781-F.75HP 230/1/50, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$777.00
P-66-0933.75HP 230-460/3/50-60n/a$804.00
P-66-0940.75HP 230-460/3/50-60, SERIES 'H' PARTSn/a$791.00
P-66-01051 1/2HP 220/440/3/60, MOTORSn/a$900.00
P-66-01821 1/2HP 230-460/3/50-60, MOTORSn/a$430.00
P-66-04821 1/2HP MTR 110/220/1/60, MOTORSn/a$1,345.00
P-66-04691 1/2HP MTR 115/230/1/60, MOTORSn/a$1,473.00
P-66-04951 1/2HP MTR 220/440/3/60, MOTORSn/a$2,046.00
P-66-05861 1/2HP, 115/1/60, 1750,, MOTORSn/a$350.00
P-66-04671 1/2HP, 115-230/1/60,, MOTORSn/a$1,086.00
P-66-09911 1/2HP,115-208-230/1/60,172n/a$387.00
P-44-05931 hp 115/230/1/50-60 EXPFRAME 56C$1,295.00
P-66-13491 hp 115-230/1/60FRAME 56C$906.00
P-66-13511 hp 208-230-460/3/60FRAME 56C$1,039.00
P-66-04081 hp 208-230-460/3/60 1725rpmFRAME 56C$861.00
P-66-2603-11 HP MTR 1 PH W/TAPPED SHFT, MOTORSFRAME 56C$443.00
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