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January 01, 2019
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Available Products:

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Item NoDescriptionMaterialPrice 
P-11-06071" FLAT WASHER SSSS 18-8$2.58
P-11-04011/2 13 HEX HD HAST CHAST-C$15.67
P-11-03061/2 13 X 24 IN THREADEDSS 18-8$12.05
P-11-02821/2 HAST C NUTSHAST-C$31.34
P-11-03471/2"-13X1-1/2" 18-8SS HH BOLTSS 18-8$2.41
P-11-04071/2-13 X 1" FLT HD SCRW 18-8SSSS 18-8$3.88
P-11-21431/2-13 x 2.75" HEX CP SCRW SSSS 18-8$2.41
P-11-03121/4 20 X 3-1/2 FINSS 18-8$1.19
P-11-03231/4"-20 X 5/16 SET SCRW 18-8SS, CUP POINTSS$1.19
P-11-05361/4-20 X 1n/a$1.19
P-11-04591/4-20 X 1" BOLT HAST CHAST-C$23.27
P-11-03321/4-20 X 1.50"HEX HD CAP SCREWSS 18-8$1.30
P-11-03901/4-20 X 1-1/4" 18-8 SS, HEX BOLTSS 18-8$2.58
P-11-04141/4-20 X 1-3/4" SS 18-8, CASING SCREWS SSSS 18-8$1.30
P-11-03241/4-20 X 2" 18-8 SS HHCSSS 18-8$1.30
P-11-04761/4-20 X1/4"SET SCREW TITANIUMTI$24.11
P-11-03251/4-20 X2" FLT HD MACH SCRW SSSS 18-8$1.19
P-11-01711/4-20X2-1/4SS 304$1.19
P-11-067110-24 X 1 BUTTON HEAD SCREWSS 18-8$1.19
P-11-06191-1/2" x 9/16" x 3/16" WASH SSSS 18-8$3.88
P-11-03093/4" FLAT WASHER SSSS 18-8$1.19
P-11-05893/4-10 HEX HEAD JAM NUT SSSS 18-8$3.06
P-11-05903/4-10 HEX NUT 18-8 SSSS 18-8$1.19
P-11-02843/4-10 HEX NUT HAST CHAST-C$45.81
P-11-02873/8 16 X 1 FLT HD MACHSS$1.19
P-11-02863/8 16 X 6 CONT THD STUDSSS 18-8$3.62
P-11-20673/8 FLAT WASHER TITANIUM, 3/8" ID X 3/4" ODTI$5.16
P-11-01263/8" FLAT WASHER SS, TYPE 'A' PLAIN, SERIES 'N'SS 18-8$1.95
P-11-01403/8" SPLIT LOCKWASHER 18-8 SSSS 18-8$2.16
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